Biscoe Wilson Architects is a studio based architectural practice in Albion, Brisbane with extensive experience in the planning and design of a broad range of residential architecture, education architecture, industrial architecture, retail design, commercial architecture, interior design and civic projects - many of which have received peer recognition through architectural awards. Clients are both public and private sector.

Our design values are based on:

  • understanding client objectives;
  • clarifying and developing the brief;
  • developing rational and elegant planning strategies;
  • a respect for climate place and context;
  • balancing social and community concerns in building projects;
  • encouraging positive healthy environments and ecological effects and researching appropriate materials and construction technologies.

This broad approach to design promotes excellence, a professional service, and a high quality architectural outcome.

Sectors of the design industry that we are involve in include:

Residential Architecture

  • New Houses
  • Alterations, Addition and Renovations to existing houses
  • Heritage Architecture
  • Apartments, Units, Townhouse Design, Social Housing
  • Aged Care Architecture

Education Sector Architecture

  • School Architecture - Early Childhood, Primary School, Secondary School
  • Education Master Planning
  • University Architecture

Commercial Architecture

  • Office Building Architecture
  • Retail Design
  • Shopping Centre Design
  • Mixed Use Architecture (Retail-Commercial-Residential mixes)
  • Sporting Venue Architecture
  • Entertainment and Leisure Architecture

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design Assessment

Industrial Architecture

  • Factory Architecture
  • Warehouse Architecture
  • Distribution Centres

Interior Design

  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Retail Commercial Design
  • Pharmacy Interior Design
  • Residential Interior Design

Master Planning

  • Urban Design
  • Residential Estate Master planning
  • Industrial Estate Masterplanning
  • Commercial Master Planning

Civic Design

  • Design of Urban Places
  • Streetscape Design
  • Placemaking